The beef cattle group originated in the early nineties as a response to the urgent request to integrate the three main areas of academic work in beef cattle: teaching, research and extension. The group is formed by members of the Department of Animal Industry, in collaboration with colleagues from the Departments of Food Technology, Agronomy, and Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology of the College of Agricultural Science, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. The philosophy of the group is to respond to the academic and beef cattle industry needs through a interdisciplinary effort promoting a better utilization of available resources and a greater efficiency in the achievement of goals. Members collaborate on the basis of professional respect and friendship. This working foundation allows for the development of individual leadership through the distribution of responsibilities and cooperation among all group members.

Group Objective: to address the problems of the beef cattle industry through an interdisciplinary approach, joining efforts in the pursue of common goals.;;;;




Esbal Giménez Cabán, Ph.D

Mildred Cortés, M.A.

Rafael Ramos, M.S.

Fernando Pérez, Ph.D

Alexandra Gregory, Ph.D

Group Members:


Danilo Cianzio Mujica, Ph.D  

Américo A. Casas Guernica, M.S

Aixa Rivera Serrano, M.S.

Luis Añeses Loperena, B.S

Melvin Pagan Morales, Ph.D

Guillermo Ortiz Colón, Ph.D

Lillian Cantisani Ramirez, M.S.